Monday, April 28, 2008

Faculty Popularity Contest

One of the questions on our bio form, used for compiling the Memory Book, was "Who was your favorite teacher(s)?"

The all-time favorites--and a lot of you think alike---include Dorothy Clonts (chorus); Eugene Beeman (band), Kenneth Pschorr (physiology); Robert Challener (drama); Coach Lee Benjamin; Eric Whitted (assistant principal); Dorothy Adams (social studies); Mrs. Wentworth; Mrs. Overholtz (business classes); Coach Crum; Mrs. Shrum (Spanish); Beth Cheesmond (English).

Where We're Living Now

At the back of the upcoming Memory Book are 2 1/3 pages, listing the states (plus Australia) where our classmates live now. Here are some figures, subject to your corrections if you choose to move:

Australia has 1: Len Scipioni Scott. Virginia has 1: Woody Reed Tanner. Oklahoma has 1: Bruce Hugill. New York has 1: Clarissa Rogers Hamilton. Hawaii has 1: Judy Baker Philson. Nevada has 1: Mary Ellen LeVan Snyder. Washington (the state, not the national capital) has 1: Alice Hantz Johnston. Missouri has 1: Dolores Warfield Boulton. Alabama has 1: Barbara Wells Preston. (Until his recent death, Jim Willson lived in Alabama, too.) Arizona has 1: David Bruneau. Kentucky has 1: Rosa Lee Ramsey McKnight.

Colorado has 2: Carol Curran Rushmore and Jean Davis Brown. (They get together every now and then.)

For the rest of the states, here are the numbers (because there isn't room to write all the names): Tennessee-- 6; Texas--3; North Carolina--8 (Sarah and Bobby have dual residence: NC and FL); Georgia--9; California--7.

As you may have guessed, the numbers champion is Florida where 117 of our class are now living. (The numbers are based on the current database of "found" classmates and are subject to change as more of our "lost" ones get "discovered in the future.)

Your Classmates are Truly Interesting!

As I prepared the Memory Books to bring to the reunion, I discovered some remarkable facts about our classmates...and I thought I would share some of them with you.

Judy Nicholson was president of her Kiwanis Club (years and years ago, it used to be an all-guys club) and she is now the Lt. Governor-elect of her district....Fran Thomas and her husband Larry (she married someone who had the same last name she had before she married him) are volunteers for Campus Crusade for Christ Prison Ministry. They go into prisons across the nation with the Bill Glass "Champions for Life" Ministries.

Kathy Hutchins Hinz puts flowers in the backstage dressing rooms at the Mahaffey Theatre in St. Petersburg. She tells us that in an earlier period of her life, she was the first female computer programmer in St. Petersburg....Bruce Hugill is currently on the Budget and Finance Committee for the Air Force Sergeants Association. He is national secretary for the International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen...Betty Lou Hankey Melcher is an assistant bakery manager for Albertson's and raises Boston terriers as a hobby...John Eaddy is a family physician at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Bill Coate is a published writer and a teacher...David Britner is the co-inventor of the fire sprinkler system now found in many hotels, motels and high-rise residential buildings. He's also a retired Assistant Fire Chief for the City of St. Petersburg...John Krege and Trudy Andringa Krege spent time in Jordan for Habitat for Humanity, building a cement block house addition...Bobby Labrant and Sarah Emery Labrant make a lot of people happy every summer when they operate their bed-and-breakfast in cool, scenic Black Mountain, NC. (It's the kind of place that those of us in South Florida fantasize about while we're sweating out the hot tropical summers.)

Carley Freck Bryson learned how to scuba dive at age 42 (she was just a kid then!)...and Duane Tobey got his pilot's license when he was no longer a kid. (He doesn't specify the age he passed the test, and we won't ask.) Barbara Wells Preston wrote the first Backyard Bible Club materials for the Southern Baptist Convention's Sunday School Board. She also wrote the book What It Means To Be a Christian for children, along with a teacher's guide.

Big News! An Alma Mater Tour!

Class President Woody Reed Tanner, after extensive conversations with Coach Dudley (who was on NEHS faculty for 35 years), has gotten clearance for us to tour Northeast High School--all as part of our scheduled bus tour on Thursday, May 15.

(Note: A second bus has been chartered because more people wanted to participate. There are still 12 seats available on that bus. Tour cost is $12 [preferably in cash]. Checks can be made out to NEHS Reunion.)

The May 15 tour, starting at 9 am at Hampton Inn Hotel on Beach Drive, will take us to downtown improvement areas and other places of note, with an hour allotted to see Northeast High and how it has changed since we left it. (Remember, how we envied Boca Ciega High's swimming pool? Well, Northeast has a pool of it own and a football stadium, too.)

The tour will end around 1 pm back at the Hampton Inn, where everyone will be on their own for lunch.

If you're interested in reserving a place on the tour bus, contact Woody at

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on the Memory Book

April 24--Today I finished the basic draft of the Memory Book. (I will insert a sample in this post to show you what it looks like.) The book will include a listing of names, addresses, phone numbers, bio information (if submitted), a listing of classmates by the states where they live now, and a listing of those "in memoriam".

Because producing this book involves purchase of red loose-leaf notebook covers, paper, and printer ink, I plan to produce 20 initially. Cost is $10, to cover expenses. However, if more than 20 people contact me at, letting me know that they want one of the books, I will increase the number of books to be printed.

Here's a sample of one of the pages:

GEORGE HARRY ADALIAN (Garry)…Airline pilot; 21 Cats Paw Cape, Coronado, CA 92218; 619-424-6937;

PATRICIA ANN AINSWORTH-NORRIS..Homemaker, driver’s license examiner; 4733 NE 137th Road, Oxford, FL 34484; 352-748-6915

PATRICIA SUE ALBRECHT-HANSEN (Pat)…Fla. State HRS/Meal on Wheels volunteer; 535 31st Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33704; (summers in 56 Fir Circle, Canton, NC 28716); 727-822-6722;

RALPH H. AMES…Navy/Air Force 20 years; Postal Service 17 years; 6753 Codell Street, Navarre, FL 32566; 850-936-9474

TRUDY LYNNE ANDRINGA-KREGE (Trudy)3002 Henderson Road, Greensboro, NC 27410; 336-294-4456;

MORE ABOUT TRUDY: Married to: John Krege (also Class of 1958). Three children (Kathy, John, Jim). 7 grandchildren. Went to University of Florida and enrolled in School of Nursing. Married John when we were juniors and had our first baby as seniors. Moved to Atlanta where John was in medical school at emory University. Worked in nursing until second child was born. John joined the Air Force in his senior year. Moved to San Antonio, TX and Lackland AFB where John did his internship and orthopedic surgery residency. We had our third child there and then spend three years in Weisbaden, Germany. Lived in England where John completed a hip replacement fellowship. Returned to Lackland where John was on the orthopedic staff. Moved to Greensboro, NC where we have lived for 30 years. Our hobbies include tennis, reading and traveling. John is an avid photographer. Our latest trip was to Jordan with Habitat International. We helped build a cement block house addition.

GERALD CLIFFORD ASPEN (Gerry)24 Apple Orchard Road, Hendersonville, NC 28792; 828-699-7459;

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Reunions To Come!

Rena Counts-Wheeler has announced that from now on, she will host an annual get-together for everyone who can make it on the first Saturday of every November. If you're an out-of-towner, you may want to schedule a fall trip for the event.

St. Pete events: The St. Pete alum group will meet Monday, May 5 and Thursday, June 12, with both gatherings starting at 7:30 pm at Kristina's Restaurant, 3590 34th St. (US 19 North), St. Petersburg.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Quiche and Carrot Cake for South Florida

The second get-together for the South Florida NEHS 58 group today (April 21) was an undeniable success, if the happy smiles and vigorous appetites were any indicators.

Carolyn Gramling-McAleese made the Food Channel proud with her quiche, specially prepared asparagus, ambrosia (that's a delicious fruit salad for you uninitiated)...and Pat Teague Fulton contributed a carrot cake, topped with cream cheese icing and chopped walnuts.

Bobbie Todd discovered that she and Carolyn's husband George McAleese had something in common: Louisville, KY. Bobbie and her husband (a funeral director) had lived and worked in Louisville, which is George's home town. Bobbie will be unable to attend the reunion in May because her husband, who recently had a kidney transplant, is scheduled for his final checkup and clearance by his doctors while the rest of us are in St. Pete.

Bill Redman and his vivacious wife Eva told us about Bill's cooking specialty: South Maryland Stuffed Ham...which he has offered to prepare for all of us at one of our future gatherings.

There was a lot of looking at old Northeast yearbooks...Bill looked for a favorite math teacher of his to mention on his bio sheet. Pat brought some prints of old photos of St. Petersburg...including the Festival of States parade queen float, circa 1938; Central Avenue photos (1940s) showing green benches filled with people, a night-time shot of Webb's City when a big open-air show was going on, right in the middle of 9th St. S. There was also a print of an ooooold shot of the Coliseum and one of Mirror Lake Junior High, long before any of us went to class there.

The gathered group talked about a possible trip to Key West (with Barb Monrose, Sandy Creitz, and Bob Vannatta to be invited, too) to drop in on Doug Hotalen.

Bobbie Todd agreed to go with Carolyn to Carolyn's book review group in the next week or so. All in all, everybody enjoyed everybody else's company, and the future prospect for more get-togethers is bright and shiny.

More Room on the Bus!

When class president Woody Reed Tanner first announced the bus tour of St. Pete (Thursday May 15, 9 am), the reservations came in in a flash and the bus was marked FULL. But a second bus is now available...

So for you procrastinators, here's your chance. The tour costs about $12, starts at the Hampton Inn at 9 am and returns there around 12:30 pm. Contact Woody or send an email to me at and I'll pass the word on to Woody..But be quick about it. Each bus only holds around 36 people.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take a Look at Central Avenue

You may remember Central Avenue from your school days as the dividing line between North and South in St. Petersburg. It's downtown area was busy when you were a kid. Later it died a horrible death. But Central Ave. has come back from the dead....and if you've been away from St. Pete for 30 or more years, let me encourage you to take a tour.

Start at Beach Drive and continue all the way to 34th St. (US 19). You will be amazed at the "new look": new art places, new storefronts, landscaping, lighting, information boards on street corners.

From 16th St. to 34th St., a section that took longer to re-develop than downtown St. Pete, there is vigorous life and renewal. While you're in the area of 16th St., turn south and drive by the stadium that houses our hometown's first Major League baseball team (The Rays).

While You're in St. Petersburg....

For those of you who have the time, here are some places to see (as well as their web sites, where available) while you're back in the Old Home Town:

Artspace Artist Studios, 10 Fifth St. N.
Florida Craftsmen, 501 Central Ave., www.
The Pier Aquarium, 800 2nd Ave. NE (2nd floor of The Pier)
The Arts Center, 719 Central Ave.
Florida International Museum, 244 Second Ave. N.,
Sunken Gardens, 1825 4th St. N. 727-551-3102 (10 am to 4:30 pm)
Craftsman House Gallery, 2955 Central Avenue,

What to Wear! What to Wear!

Sue Bagg-Foreman has some fashion words of wisdom for those of you (particularly you gentlemen) who are wrestling with the phrase "dressy casual" as the dress code for the May 15 gala at the Coliseum.

Here are her thoughts on the matter: Here in Winter Park, for the men it means no tie and maybe even no jacket if the temperature goes above 80 degrees. No tennis shoes unless your feet hurt, in which case pick a pair where your toes don't stick through the end. You could go as casual as the Lawton Chiles uniform (EDITOR: He was a past governor of Fla. and a former U.S. Senator, in case you've forgotten) of khaki pants and nice plaid or beach shirt. Probably not hot weather golf attire. Closed-toe shoes. You could also go to dress pants, an open collar shirt and sport jacket.

In other cities, dressy casual means a tie for sure. I say let the guys decide what's comfortable and what they want for the class picture.

For the ladies: Whatever you look good in. Pants suit, dress with jacket, sun dress (but who has the arms we want to let out of their caves), flats or heels. Sort of the cocktail look but maybe more the outdoor dressy.

Summary: Not too dressy, not too messy. Whatever you have that you like and feel comfortable in. The temperature could be 75 or 85 that evening.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Additions to Reunion Schedule

While women classmates are yakking it up at Ann Leedy Bartlett's house on Wednesday, May 14, the guys have an event all their own, too. Larry Britner has nicknamed it "Enlisted Men's Club", but a draft card is not necessary for admission.

The party will be at the Ringside Cafe, 2742 4th St. N., from 7 pm until whenever. For those of you who are returning to St. Pete after a very long absence, the Ringside Cafe is a two-story house that has been transformed into a restaurant-sports bar. You'll find it on the left side of 4th St. (on a corner) as you're headed north.

Farewell Breakfast, Sunday May 18: A separate banquet room has been reserved at the Picadilly Restaurant (1900 34th St.--US 19 N). Breakfast hours are 9 am to 11 am. Judy Nicholson made the arrangements.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

St. Pete, Watch Your Back!

Our St. Pete alumni group, chaired by Larry Britner, is the oldest and the largest when it comes to get-togethers among NEHS 58 classmates. But South Florida is on a roll.

Bob Vannatta, living in Palm Beach Gardens where he owns a company in the financial services industry (who knew!), was contacted today with an invitation to join our South Fla. group. (Current members: Barbara Monrose Parrish, Sandy Creitz Logue, Carolyn Gramling McAleese, Bobbie Todd, Bill Redman, and Pat Teague Fulton).

He has children and grandchildren in Fort Lauderdale, so he said it's no problem to drive to Broward County for a Northeast meet-and-greet.

Next goal: Doug Hotalen lives in Key West. What would it take to get him to a South Florida Viking party?

Quick Review (There's a Test on Friday)

Karolyn Sue Bagg Foreman sent out this finalized itinerary for Reunion Week, May 14-17. Mark your calendars, Blackberries, and PDAs accordingly:

Wed. May 14 2-6 pm Hospitality Room open at Hampton Inn and Suites (80 Beach Drive NE)
Come and pre-register for the Coliseum get-together. Enjoy a cup of coffee, or soda or water and pastries. Check out the schedule of activities in the area or join one of the reunion's other events. See if your classmates have arrived, and if so, if they have left a message for you. Carolyn Gramling McAleese and Pat Teague Fulton will be hospitality hostesses.

Wed. May 14 11 am--till??? Bring-a-dish picnic at Sawgrass Lake Park. For directions and more information, email Larry Britner at

Wed. May 14 6 pm--till??? Girls Night Out. Ann Leedy Bartlett is the hostess for this feminine "study group". (Translate that "lots and lots and lots of talking.") Bring a snack food, wine, etc. to contribute to the party. For directions and information, email Ann at or Karolyn Bagg Foreman at

Thurs. May 15 9 am to 12:30 pm Bus Tour of St. Pete to see how the place has changed since you left. Leaves Hampton Inn at 9 am. Bring snacks if you prefer or wait for lunch until end of tour. To suggest places you want to see, contact Woody at

Thurs. May 15 12 pm - 4 pm Hospitality Room at the Hampton Inn. Drop by for pre-registration, to view memorabilia and the information board. Carolyn and Pat will be your greeters.

Thurs. May 15 3 pm - 5:30 pm Coliseum Decorating. Volunteers, you know who you are. Thanks in advance.

Thurs. May 15 6 pm - 11 pm Reunion Gala. Coliseum, 4th Ave. N. Cost at the door (if not pre-paid), $85. Group photos around 7 pm. Scrumptious buffet dinner. Special program. Dancing.

Fri., May 16 8 am. Tee Time for golf at Vinoy Golf and Country Club. Call or email Woody for information.

Fri., May 16 9 am Bowling Party, Sunrise Lanes. Fee for games and shoes. Email Larry Britner for information and directions.

Fri., May 16 7 pm. Pot Luck supper at the Mainlands, US 19 and 49th St. Call or email Judy Nicholson at or call 727-577-5494.

Sat., May 17 Continuation of Picnic at Sawgrass Lake Park. Contact Larry Britner.

Sun., May 18 Farewell Breakfast, Picadilly Restaurant. Contact Larry Britner.

Add These to the Reservation List

Class President Woody Reed Tanner says that these classmates have made reservations for the Thursday (May 15) gala at the Coliseum: Mickey Moustakas, Garrett Johnson (he's coming with classmate Jan Wilfong); Ron Hagan, and Maridell Haram Weaver.

Happy Discovery in South Florida

So I was sitting at my computer in Miami, putting together the Memory Book for our reunion, when I ran across Bill Redman's name in the database list. And his address says that he lives in BOCA RATON! That means he's eligible for our South Florida NEHS group!

So I call Bill on the phone and we have a mini-reunion right there. He has been living in Boca for 32 years, has a career as a computer designer (CAD, for you techies). He visits St. Pete 3 or 4 times a year because he has family and friends there. He's coming to the reunion...and he recalls Carolyn Gramling McAleese, another of our South Florida group, because she lived right around the corner from him when he was in high school.

The small world is becoming even smaller.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Names for the Memory Book

Here are the grads who have submitted the bio information for the Memory Book (last names only; for female grads, your maiden name will appear in this list). (If your name isn't here, either you haven't sent in the info or it got lost in the Black Hole of Cyberspace. If that's the case, and you want more than your address and phone in the book, send a note to Pat Fulton to get another copy of the bio form.)

Last Names: Andringa, Bagg, Britner (David and Larry); Comeau; Crain, Creitz, Cruz, Davis (Dale); Davis (Jean); Dillon; Emery, Fincher, Goree (Sue); Gramling; Groves, Hagan, Hantz, Heath, Hugill, Hutchins, Kapocsi, Kline, Krege, LaBrant, Leigh (Helen); Little, McKenzie, Moody, Nicholson, Payne, Ramsey, Reed (Donna); Reed( Woody Tanner), Reichelderfer, Robertson, Rogers, Rupert, Sheridan, Smith, Stinson, Teague, Tobey, Welch, Wells (Jacqueline); Wells (Barbara).

A Certificate Just for You!

If you're planning to be at the May 15 gala at the Coliseum (and if you've made a reservation or at least let the planners know that you're coming), you will receive an award certificate, suitable for framing. The certificates (for grads only--not spouses unless the spouse is a grad) will acknowledge your supreme achievement in arriving at 50 years worth of life after high school graduation.

If you haven't passed the word on that you're coming, at least send an email to Pat Fulton ( so a certificate will be ready for you.


South Florida Vikings--Lunch Again

Bobbie Jean Todd-Barnett, newly discovered in Hollywood, has been invited to a lunch at Carolyn Gramling-McAleese's home April 21. Barb Monrose-Parrish has a prior engagement, and Sandra Creitz-Logue has been invited if her schedule allows. Carolyn is preparing the entree and Pat Teague-Fulton will bring the dessert.

Our South Florida group is nowhere the size of the Tampa Bay group but we're glad we've got each other.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Photo Reminder

If you would like to get a print of the class group photo, to be taken May 15 at the Coliseum, let me know by sending your name and mailing address. (

The cost is $20. (Make the checks out to Graham Photography.) The photo print will be mailed to you at the address you provide.

If you plan to attend the May 15 event, you can bring the check with you to the Coliseum. If you will not be there but you still want a picture, send a check (made out to Graham Photography) and mail it to me at Pat Fulton, 8814 SW 72nd St., G139, Miami, FL 33173. Allow enough time for mailing for the check to reach me before I leave for St. Pete on Tuesday, May 14.

Hello, Joan Madden!

Our "found" census has increased by one more! Sue Bagg Foreman got the word from Bobbie Todd Barnett that Joan had married Ken Renner (he was one class ahead of us at Northeast) and was living in Longwood, FL. Ken taught at University of Central Fla. and Joan was a medical office manager.

Unfortunately the Renners will be headed to Alaska the week we're re-uniting in St. Pete but they have been sent our class list.

Our "found" total is 172. The still-to-be-found list stands at 73. Ken has said he will forward the list of those still missing to his brothers (Howard--class of 1956--I think; and Arville, class of 1959.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Larry Britner update

As many of you know, Larry Britner is recovering from surgery to replace a vein in one of his legs. His brother David Britner sent an update note to Sue Bagg Foreman, who passed it along. As of April 1, Larry was scheduled for an April 2 for a checkup on the surgery and on the vein replacement performed on his other leg at an earlier date.

His computer connection, i.e., DSL and phone, will be up and running in a few days. (Larry moved recently, assisted by Charles Welch and other friends in the St. Pete area.)

David mentioned that frequent visits by Charles and Duane Tobey have been a boost to Larry's spirits. David said that Larry is very appreciative of all the inquiries made by his Northeast classmates.