Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lost and Found Vikings

June Sharpe-Henry has been on our list of "Vikings to find" and now Sue Foreman-Bagg sends this exciting news: I just got a call from Billie Campbell '57 Fielder.She saw Tom Muntz at at a Christmas party where he was handing a list of our "lost ones"Billie's grandson was coached in Little League by Mike Woods (married to June's daughter Kim). So Billie called Kim who told her June had moved to Tennessee. Billie got her address and phone number, which I just gave to Linda Crain-Cocks, who said she would call her and tell her about the reunion. I'm breathless."

Sue also reports that all mail to Carol Huffman-Wise at a New Port Richey address has bounced back. Is there someone out there who can help us locate Carol?

Remember Diane Brown? Sue reports: Linda Sue Crain-Cocks gets a special award for discovering that we left Diane T. Brown off our master list ENTIRELY. Diane was not included in any of our old reunion lists, but she sure was in my homeroom and I remember her vividly... now that Linda asked about her. This is a perfect example of how much I need all of you on this search committee.

Linda thinks Diane joined a band as a singer right after high school and may have married a member of that band. Linda's taking on the search and if you can help her with it in any way, please send her your clues at
Or call her at 352-563-2390

Sandy Creitz is in our "twilight zone", according to Sue--we have information on her, but there is no response to attempts to contact her. If you have any suggestions on where to look for Sandy, drop Sue a line at

The current total for our Lost Viking List is 94.

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lgbritner said...

There is also a Robert Fournier who was never on our list. He lives in St Pete, and a security guard at city hall.