Saturday, December 22, 2007

Remember the County Fair?

The annual Pinellas County Fair in Largo was a red-letter event on my calendar as a child. We got a half-day off from school to attend the opening day. At that time, Largo was considered the "country town" a few miles north of St. Petersburg, where they put on a heckuva of a fair. Kids usually flocked to the rides, the junk food, the carnival games. In my teenaged years, the guys who took their girlfriends were proud to win them teddy bears (or other stuffed animals) by knocking down milk bottles with a ball or showing off their expertise in other arcade contests.

There was also the standard "freak show" that was part of the midway. Many times, after paying money, I thought the guy on the outside of the tent, encouraging us to buy tickets, had really over-hyped what there was to look at.

The grownups liked to go see the agricultural-type competition in livestock, jellies and jams, quilting...4-H Club members competed with cows or pigs they had raised for blue ribbons.

The old fairground property has long been torn down and replaced by attractive landscaping and other buildings. Largo is no longer considered a "country" town and now has a modern look and a lot of residents.

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