Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rosa Lee Remembers: Gas Wars and a Sax Player

Rosa Lee Ramsey-McKnight has memories on top of memories! Here's what she wrote about gas wars and other stuff:

Do you all remember the gas wars at the two stations across from "Toot and Tell It" drive-in restaurant??? Gas would be 18 to 19 cents a gallon! Joyce and I would scrape up every penny we could get our hands on and fill up my old '48 Chevy! Also, does anyone out there remember the sax player, Earl Bostic? He had out a big hit around '57 or '58 and I don't remember the name of the hit but on the flip side was a song called, of all things, "Redskin Cha-Cha" and it was beautiful. Have never forgotten that song. It was on the Jukebox at "Crossroads Drive In."

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DaleDavis said...

I also liked Bostic's music style. I found website that extensively details his work. It's at (though I don't remember it) "redskin cha cha", per the site, was released with " Rockin' with Richard".
Maybe worth a look-see Rose.
Later, Dale