Monday, December 17, 2007

Places to Eat

One of the places where you probably spent some time as a Northeast student was in the local fast-food places, restaurants, drive-ins. Which ones were your favorites?

McDonald's, because it was a novelty and because prices were cheap, was a favorite of mine. Nearby, also on 34th St. was a sit-down restaurant called The Dutch Pantry. If my finances were up to it, sometimes the group I was with went to Wolfie's at Central Plaza--because Wolfie's was on the high-end of pricing.

I remember that Triplett's,across the street from SPHS, was popular with teenagers in our era. There was a drive-in root beer place on 16th St. N, near "downtown" that was popular. Toot n Tellit was at the intersection of 16th St. and Haines Road.

Which were your favorites for burgers, fries, pizza, chicken, etc.? Where were the ice cream places you remember?

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