Sunday, December 16, 2007

People We Are Looking For

Sue Bagg-Foreman tells us that we've located about 144 people so far in our search for fellow graduates.

This post will keep a running list of who we're looking for and who has volunteered to spearhead the search:

Sandra Creitz: If you'd like to volunteer to search for Sandy, get in touch with Sue Bagg Foreman at

Joel Easom: If you'd like to volunteer to search for Joel, get in touch with Sue Bagg Foreman at

Michael William Bruce: Larry Britner, a fellow Marine, has volunteered to try and find Mike.


Jan Wilfong
has located Garrett Johnson.

Alice Hantz Johnston
writes that through a contact of her sister's, she located Jacqueline Mary Wells. Jacqueline and her husband sold their home in St. Pete and are traveling in a motor home, but you can reach her at cell 727-710-2025. Her email is

Here are some more names on our Search List. Maybe you know someone who knows someone who can help us make a connection:

Mary Lou Andrews, George Bakerich, Mary Gail Barnes, Paula Cecele Beam, Darlene Virginia Bennett, Martha Jeanne Best, Marjorie Evelyn Bolle, Douglas Leicester Brisbin, Robert Warren Brown, and Suzanne Mae Brown.

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Jean Brown said...

Has anyone located Kathy Anne Hutchins yet?