Thursday, December 20, 2007

Small World in Panama Part II

Jean Davis Brown, who was in Panama while I was there sends this note about Pat Smith, one of our classmates, who was also in Panama at the same time. (Jean knew about it; I didn't.) Small world, one more time!

Jean writes:
Pat Smith was also in Panama when we were there. She was married to an Army Warrant officer with the last name of Johns. She was in charge of the ceramic shop on the air base. On New Years Eve she gave a party to which we were invited to and on the buffet table she had this big "john" full of ceviche(that great raw fish dish that cooks in limes and onions etc). It was really something to see us all scarfing up the ceviche out of the john. I almost didn't recognize her as she was so tiny then. Small world.

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