Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rosa Lee Ramsey-McKnight's Favorite Teachers

Dorothy Clonts was the best ever! I loved her dearly. Always looked forward to a capella choir. Next favorite was Mr. Henry Fink. Only had one art class with him but really liked it and him. Mrs. Shrum made a lasting impression on me but not so favorable! LOL I also liked ole Coach Crum pretty well. Had him for American History. I remember one time Roger Whitehead didn't get a big long assignment done and it was due the next day. He begged me into loaning him mine to copy the answers. Guess what? He not only didn't bring his in, he forgot mine too!!! Than was the end of my lending out my hard work!! Roger still owes me one for that.LOL

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Len Scott said...

Yes, my vote is for Dorothy Clonts. She had such a sincere regard for everyone. She was such a good choir teacher. Sad to hear she passed away so young.