Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Your First Car!

During our years at NEHS, most of us started driving and perhaps owned our first car. What do you remember about that first car? Mine was a 1957 yellow and white Chevy (4-door, basic, not the fancier BelAir). I remember my first wreck--I rear-ended somebody on one of the side streets near Webb's City. It was about 5 pm on a weekday afternoon and the sun was in my eyes. And boom! Hello, reality!

OK, tell us what you remember...was it a brand-new car or one that you built or reconstructed yourself or that you inherited from a family member?


Len Scott said...

My first car was a '47 chevy, but by the time I was at NEHS, it had become a '51 Ford. The Ford took me and a multitude of passengers to and from school (e.g. My sister, Pam Moore, Judy Williams, and, Barbara Wells for a time in 12th grade). Evenings it would take us to the movies downtown, then on to 'trip around Tripletts' then on to Crossroads, just to see who was around. Finally stop and get something to eat. Back and forth to the beach on weekends, etc. Great days, sometimes many passengers at once. Remember getting some money together and asking for 50 cents worth of regular. The guy said "you goin' on a trip?" Wonder how we survived without seatbelts and driving how we dids. Never had an accident though, and only one ticket.

woody reed tanner said...

At age 15 I bought my first car for $35. It was a1925 2 door Chevy with real wooden spoked wheels. I got it from Rick Rados, our star Sr. quarterback that year. The "gang of six" rode it everywhere that year.I painted it a baby blue if any remember it. After 1 year I sold it to anew sophomore for $25. Oh if we only new what they would be worth today! Woody

Anonymous said...

Woody, you sold it to me. I had more fun in that car than I could possibly relate here. My sidekick and best friend (Dennis Brown) and I drove that car all over Pinellas Co. It was a Chevy but everyone called it Jerry's Flivver. The steering wheel was constructed of wood sections and glued together. One day when turning the drivers door flew open and I was hanging on to the steering wheel and it separated. I almost fell out. I could change a rear axle in that car in about 35 minutes. Great memories I can't share here occurred in that fine fun automobile. Kind of reminded me of the Archie and Jughead comics. Best regards, Jerry Flint.Class 1958