Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rosa Lee's Hotel Memories

In a recent email, Rosa Lee Ramsey-McKnight asked for the name of a hotel she remembered. (Editor's note: It sounds like the Soreno, but if any of you out there have a better answer, let us know.)

Hey, the mention of a hotel brings this question. Can anyone tell me the name of the big pink hotel one block off Central Ave? Mickey Mantle and some of the Yankees roomed there when they came for spring training at Al Lang Field. Joyce Crow and I tried every way in the world to get in there one night to see Mickey Mantle but we weren't sucessful. I have tried to remember the name of the hotel and can't. We did get to meet Mickey Mantle and Ryan Duran one night on Madeira Beach at a club (shall remain nameless) and we danced with both of them! Joyce was on cloud nine for a month after that! Oh Boy. Those were the days!

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lgbritner said...

If the Yankees stayed there, the Soreno would be correct, but I don't recollect it as pink, but as a flavor of beige. Was down at the end of the pier this afternoon with my little brother and his wife from Oklahoma City.

After a slow sip in nice Florida sun at the end of the pier, we slipped on past the Hampton Inn, and then down 2d Ave behind Williams Park. We were talking the same Church, and sure enough it is First United Methodist while I would have sworn to it being Baptist.

Also picked up a pretty nice map of downtown St Pete that clearly identifies the Hampton Inn as well as nearby points of interest. May try to get it copied and sent to you, cropping as might be necessary or simply give to you on the 26th. Haven't tried it yet, but may also be available at

just me, larry g