Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Memory Joggers from Charles Welch

Have you ever explained to your grandchildren (or anybody under 18) that when you were a kid:
1. You sat at the dinner table until you finished your meal, whether or not you were thrilled with the food on the plate?
2. You had to ask to be excused from the table before you could leave?
3. Milk was delivered to your house (although pizza wasn't).
4. There weren't any credit cards although Sears and Roebuck had a revolving charge card.
5. There was ONE telephone in the house. It was usually located in the living room (not your bedroom) and your phone line was a party-line, shared by other families.
6. Boys on bikes delivered newspapers in the early morning. Those delivery boys came to your house to collect your subscription money for the newspaper.
7. When TV made its appearance in our homes, it was black-and-white.
8. After your mom washed the clothes, the shirts, dresses, slacks, etc., were ironed on the ironing board. Your mom "sprinkled" the clothes to be ironed, using a bottle of water that had a cap on it with small holes.
9. Soda pop machines dispensed glass bottles.
10. Milk came in glass bottles, not cardboard containers.
11. When you went to the movies, there was a newsreel that came on first, with film about news events in other parts of the U.S. and the world. (This was long before the 6pm TV news.)


lgbritner said...

A memory unique to St Pete was the billboard sign on the corner of 16th Street and 1st Avenue North; florescent light claiming some bragging rights in radiating its non-commercial message.

Pat Teague Fulton said...

That billboard at 16th St. and 1st Ave. N. usually had an inspirational message of some sort. My understanding was that the president of Fla. Power had a spiritual experience with an impact on his life, so that afterward, he decided to put up the billboard message, not to advertise but to inspire.