Monday, December 17, 2007

Small World Dept.

In an email exchange with Jean Davis Brown recently, we both found out that we were in the Panama Canal Zone at the same time (for at least a year, anyway). She taught children at a military base just "down the street" from where I lived, and Dennis was working for OSI.

After spending so many years, with no hope of ever seeing any friends of mine from NEHS 58 (except June Sharpe Henry), it is amazing to me to find connections like this one with Jean. She and I have some long catch-up conversations ahead of us.

Barbara Monrose and Carolyn Gramling live just one county away from me (in Broward County) and we're planning on getting together sometime in the near future. When I called Barbara last weekend, her husband said she was in a cookie-making marathon for her church; we talked later and got caught up on what our lives have been up to for the last 50 years.

Have you had a "small world" experience through this reunion re-connection--you found an old friend you hadn't seen or talked to in years or found out that the two of you were in the same area of the planet without knowing it?

Here's a place to share your story. The "small world" thing is one more benefit of this 50-year reunion.


Mardi said...

I was thrilled to come back into contact with Maridell Haram, now Weaver. Found Betty Hankey Melcher about a year ago. Wow! And now that we're getting more and more people in the Reunion group, it's just fun to read names I hadn't seen or heard for a bunch of years-too many to list here. But my husband Errol and I hope to be at the reunion in May, and I'm looking forward to introducing him to you all. Thanks to Larry, Sue, Pat, and everyone else who's doing so much to make this thing happen. Mardi (Kline) Zeiger

PatTeagueFulton said...

Carolyn Gramling told me by phone tonight how she re-connected with Woody Reed Tanner a number of years ago in Richmond, VA. She was a nurse in a hospital, and she saw Woody go walking by the nurse's desk. (He was an anesthesiologist there.) She called out "Woody?" And he looked at her and said, "Carolyn Gramling?" And one of them said, "We went to high school together," and the other said, "Yes we did."

Still another example of small world: Carolyn may be in the Tampa area after Dec. 26 because her son may have a surgical procedure at Tampa General. So she and I hope to have a pre-reunion reunion because I'll be in the area to see my 5 grandkids and 2 daughters AND to see my classmates at Kristina's Restaurant.